Glasgow SECC Arena - Brown:music Supporting Take That

by therealting on Nov.25, 2007, under Brown:music, Gigs

Another amazing gig - this arena was wider than the NEC and almost as long so the feel was a little different. Glasgow was pretty chilly, although apparently during the time we were there, London was actually colder! 

We got to watch Take That’s set from a better vantage point this time… we were at the front-of-house sound desk as opposed to being towards the side of the stage at the Birmingham gig - awesome production once again. Can’t believe we’ve already done two of these gigs now, with just two to go.

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Birmingham NEC Arena - Brown:music Supporting Take That

by therealting on Nov.20, 2007, under Brown:music, Gigs

Onstage at the N.E.C.

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We had a fantastic time on the 17th Sept playing to more than 10,000 people… I don’t think I’ll ever forget walking out onto the stage for the first time and seeing a huge black sea of people, unseen apart from blue and green flashing glowsticks! There are already a few videos of our performance on Youtube (click here), and I also shot a “behind the scenes” clip during soundcheck which you can watch by clicking here. Look out for the enthusiastic cameo from our friend Jason from Take That! 

Some pictures viewable now on our Facebook group - click here to visit. We’ll be adding them to our Myspace soon and I’ll try and throw a few up here at some point. 

The Take That show was an almost ridiculously spectacular production, and it was a little surreal watching the boys perform in person when our school class used to listen to Take That about 12 years ago, and when we had opened the show. Surreal indeed! If you’re lucky enough to have nabbed tickets to any of the Take That gigs this year, you’re in for a heck of a show! 

We’re already really looking forward to the Glasgow gig this Friday, and the Royal Albert Hall gig is little more than a week away now…

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Take That “Beautiful World” Tour!

by therealting on Oct.05, 2007, under Brown:music, Gigs

It’s now official - Brownmusic is going to be supporting Take That on their sold-out upcoming UK tour promoting their latest studio album. We will be playing at the Birmingham NEC arena, the Glasgow SECC arena, the London O2 arena and Manchester’s MEN arena, with a total capacity of over 60,000 people! 
Read our press release on the Brown:music website.

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Big Gigs and Summer News

by therealting on Sep.06, 2007, under Brown:music, Gigs

Some very exciting news - subject to final confirmation, I will be playing gigs at some of the biggest venues in the UK with Brown:music (rebranded from Brownmusic), supporting one of the biggest bands in the UK at the moment. Watch this space! 

In other news, the Artiste List has been updated with a few more names I have worked with over summer. I will be slowing down my gigging pace in the near future for at least the next 9 months. No, I’m not pregnant… I’m just shifting focus to a teaching qualification which will allow me to teach music in secondary schools and colleges.

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by therealting on Dec.28, 2006, under Brown:music, Other, The BlueJacks, The Johann Collective

Finally updated the website with some new music clips, and a brand new music player! Click the launchpad at the top left of this window to have a listen. 

This year is going to be a big one - new band The Johann Collective, with debut EP expected in January, and gigs coming up later in the year. Also look forward to more gigs with Brownmusic, Kirsty, Julian Perretta and Aaron Short. Stay tuned…

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