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Royal Albert Hall - Christmas Carols with the Stars

by therealting on Nov.30, 2007, under Brown:music, Gigs, Nicki Rogers, The Ob-Sessions Choir

I’ve not been well this week, and when we arrived to soundcheck, I soon discovered that due to a miscommunication with the organisers, there was in fact no guitar amp (and I’d been told specifically not to bring one). Rats. Electric guitar just doesn’t sound the same when you plug it straight into the mixer… not exactly the best start when you are about to play at the coolest venue ever! 

Fortunately Ben (our keyboard player) told me I should plug into his Leslie cabinet, and the sound was monstrous! I even got to flick the rotors on for a couple tunes and got this huge vibey sound from my guitar. 

The choir performance was very well received, and our two guest stars - Heather Peace andDavid Lonsdale - performed very well. Heather in particular delivered what can only be described as a world class performance (and David would be the first to acknowledge this). Our final tune “Oh Happy Day” literally brought the entire hall to its feet… definitely the sort of Royal Albert Hall debut I was hoping for! :) 

Monday is my birthday and I will be playing with Nicki Rogers at The Bedford in Balham - it’s a free gig, so come by to enjoy the music and say hello. Then on Tuesday is the best birthday present a musician could wish for… London O2, say hello to Brown:music!

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